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Zero to One

Wherever you turn to the startup world in Silicon Valley there is some reference to PayPal Mafia. Be it Tesla, eBay, Palantir or even Facebook the PayPal mafia is either in the form of investors or founders. I was bit intrigued to know whether it is chance or a certain pattern that made them so successful. Right around that time, I learned about “Zero to One” a note on startups by the mafia chief himself – Peter Thiel, a name that is revered in the valley. He is known for his unconventional thoughts on startups and building companies and he […]


The Action

So far I have bored you using jargons and humanizing the Internet of things. Now its time for some action! The video below shows what could be possibly done using a powerful yet miniature SoC.  I have got the dSLR’s live-stream broadcasted on a ad-hoc wireless network using the Panda.  Much to my surprise the Pandaboard was able to handle the live stream with no hiccups. I had it running for almost an hour and it still wanted to march on…. As it stands, the whole IOT idea is certainly not an easy walk. The idea  controlling my dSLR using […]


The Skin

As I had previously blogged in my previous post  the Brain, the Pandaboard came bare. During my debugging sessions, I found it inconvenient and delicate to handle the Pandaboard. I wanted to try out my love of the past 3-D printing and hence i decided to make the skin for the Pandaboard. After some two days hacking with a CAD software, I ended up creating a cover. Since it is a one-off piece it cost around $70 (my wife says its expensive! I dont think so..) True to my excitement it felt good to touch my creation. Shapeways have done a wonderful […]


The Workhorse

Before I blog about ‘The Soul’ – the operating system I am using to run the Pandaboard, I am going to spend my time in development work station aka The workhorse. Coming from a PC-Windows background, I spent numerous hours figuring out how to use Windows as the development workstation for the PandaBoard or any embedded system. If you go down that path, i will assure you right away that your time is going to be wasted. Allow me to explain why i denounced windows for embedded development. For the record, I am a hardcore windows user but I can […]

Workhorse Specification

The Brain

The growth of the Internet of Things can be attributed to two things – a shift in people’s mindset to use applications of the web as opposed to local applications, then the technological advancements in SoC (System on a Chip) a.k.a The Brain. So what are these SoCs? In broad terms they are nothing but miniaturized computers that are integrated into a ‘chip’ may be the size of a coin. You can learn more about SoCs at its wiki. This miniaturization has given unprecedented computing power in a device that can fit in our palm. All the smartphones out there […]

Panda board Internet of things

Internet of Things

I got deeply interested with the Internet of things (IOT) movement. For those who are new to that terminology it means anything and everything can be connected to the Internet. It is quite obvious that we are heading that direction. Samsung is going to make an Internet enabled Android Fridge (how is that!), we see almost everything connected to the Wi-Fi which in pure terms is information sharing. Hmm enough of all this… Why in the world are you talking about IOT in a photography blog.., a question may arise ?? How thoughtful… Well here it goes…  as I was reading about […]