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Hi Folks! First, Thanks for stopping by – it means a lot to me. I am just another amateur photographer dabbling with a  Canon 7D (new addition since 2012 :-))Canon XSi\Tamron 18-270 mm50 mmand and few other lenses. Rather than the stereotypical “who am I” posts, I shall just share my thoughts about photography. For my friends whom I already bore with tech stuff please skip the story below

Where do i start…ok, how did i get into photography. It started in 2008. I had to move to the UK for few months. What could be the best companion to a place that I barely knew but that is lush and beautiful – hmmm, a camera. Sorry that was a bluff. I love going to the Best Buys or Frys just to check out what’s new in the consumer tech world. SLRs were just starting to flood the market and I was eyeing to buy one just to play with it. Just then, I happened to have some extra wad of money to spend and the timing could not be better. After a month long tussle between Nikon and Canon, I decided to go Canon (this one warrants a separate blog post). Just before my trip to UK, I went on a five day trip to Smokey Mountain National Park and was pompously showing off my new toy to my friends. Seeing a pro coming into the field they all decided to leave their pony digital cameras at the cabin. And what happened, I just short of getting kicked for ruining the vacations’s memories. Some images from that trip

Blurry Images taken at the midst of heat

Blurry Images taken at the midst of heat

Autofocus Mishap when shooting a bear

Autofocus Mishap when shooting a bear

Underexposure at a historic site

Blunder Underexposure at a historic site

The next six months were a steep learning curve for me. I was alone in UK and it was enough for me to bond with the new toy. There was not a day in UK i ventured without my SLR. I took random clicks right from a dog easing at a telephone post to a misty evening over the Big Ben. Suddenly, ‘out of focus’ went away, exposure became easy and  vibrant colors appeared at the right places. I just shot clicks without any goal. I showcased a few in facebook, picasa and other random places. I never thought defining a purpose for my newfound passion. I just went with the flow

Two years passed by. More than photography’s art form I was drawn into the technicalities it bestowed upon. The sunny 16 rule, the inverted aperture number, f-stops, exposure compensation and many more jargons – I read, applied and learned.  I was quite able to explain to my friends and others how the various controls in the camera affected the picture quality and how to compose a portrait versus a landscape picture. After one such sessions, one of my friend insisted that I create a blog to just showcase what i have done so far.  Reluctantly, i created one and honestly I never thought I would  very much enjoy receiving likes and criticisms from folks. Suddenly, there was a purpose in my passion.

Once i created a blog i forced myself to work on the pictures that I had shot just to showcase them in my blog. My home, my office, and few of my friends’ home as well, began to see an influx of picture frames and anyone who saw those were just short of getting impressed. I never realized photography and creative intent had so much appeal. By that time, I got the technicalities of using dSLR out of the way and also learned the benefits of using different lenses and techniques. Spending years with a dSLR, I have began to see things differently – the minute details on a butterfly wing, the vibrant yet dull colors during sunset and the umpty number of blue shades in the ocean. My attention to detail has become second nature to me and, most of all, it has taught me the importance of ‘perspective’  – how you compose a scene is more crucial than the scene itself.  I am confident that i have found an engaging and exciting hobby for life. To up my excitement  I have moved to a full fledged website where i can not only showcase my work but also use it to persuade others to take up creative photography as a hobby.

Whenever I enthuse about photography I have heard one common comment that dSlR’s are complex. I dont disagree with that. The jargons and the steep learning curve during the first phase is enough to daunt anyone. I have known a few who have sold their dSlr because of its complexities and many are using them as a point and shoot camera. Either ways it defeats the purpose. I believe that if I could show them how to take impressive pictures without worrying about the technicalities then i can get them to love dSlr as i do. I hope to demystify the techniques in photography through this website. Thanks to those who patiently stayed till here. I hope you enjoy the galleries in this website.

You can reach me at uma at arttsy dot com

Uma Namasivayam